Welcome to Greenify, a specialist Fleet and Asset Management company that works with businesses to provide Australia’s lowest carbon vehicle and asset solutions to accelerate sustainability and decarbonisation solutions.
Greenify’s services are engineered to provide immediate enhancements to your current fleet’s operational efficiency and reduce carbon emissions, while laying down a strategic foundation for transitioning towards hybrid and electric vehicles as the technology becomes commercially viable.
Girl and man with laptop discussing work plan.

Data & Planning

Greenify helps understand operations by developing comprehensive use case and baseline data for fleet and asset management.

ICE Fleet Optimisation

Greenify works to enhance efficiency and reduce carbon emissions within your current fleet where commercially viable and appropriate.

Vehicle & Asset Placement

Greenify provides fleet vehicles and asset solutions specifically tailored to maximize operational performance whilst minimising carbon output


‘Together, we can create a steady transition towards commercially reduced carbon emissions, creating a meaningful change towards a sustainable future in Western Australia,’


Our Process

Greenify works closely with some of Western Australia’s largest businesses and mining service providers to meet their fleet and asset requirements. Our friendly team makes this process simple, using the latest data analytics to design fleet solutions tailored to specific operational needs. Our customers trust Greenify to find the right solutions for their commercial operations. Our tried and tested, six step approach is based on the latest data analytics to plan and deliver the fleet solutions you require.


We engage with key stakeholders and a thorough analysis of your current fleet operations, identifying key use cases.


We use data analytics to track real-time information to build a map of your current fleet and asset real world use.


A plan to optimise operations for vehicle fleets and asset, with a mix of ICE, Hybrid, and Electric solutions


We procure your bespoke fleet asset and vehicle infrastructure solution tailored to your project timeline


We commence delivering vehicles and assets on long term lease agreements, based on agreed requirements


Over time, your fleet is continually upgraded and optimised for both fuel efficiency and carbon reduction

Our Team

James Thorburn

James has an extensive background in Corporate & Commercial Banking across a diverse range of industries including Motor Vehicle Dealerships, Mining, Retail, Not for Profit and Property.
An experienced consultant for business growth, acquisitions and restructuring. 

Dominic Barlow

Dominic is a highly regarded, experienced leader with diverse experience across multiple industries, including Aerospace and Mining.

An experienced executive, he has held pivotal roles such as Manager, COO, and Director, playing integral roles in steering businesses through transformative turnarounds. 

Luke Dawson

Luke is a seasoned adviser with a background in corporate finance, business development, and business advisory services.
Experienced working with, and providing strategic advice to, diversified corporates across mining, logistics, plant & equipment hire and construction.