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Greenify are leading the way to provide WA with carbon-free vehicles

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We offer a variety of packages to suit your green energy needs

Green Energy

We undertake feasibility studies to advance green projects in WA

Innovation Hub

Greenify are working to develop community energy hubs

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Green Energy Goals

Our Goals

Reduction Of CO2 Emissions

We make Electric Vehicles (EV’s) readily available to assist in reducing carbon emissions in Western Australia.

Sustainable Energy Production

Creating green energy and harnessing it in hydrogen and battery cell technology

Job Creation

Utilising the Western Australia resources sector to drive uptake of EV’s that will provide a foundation for a WA based assembly facility.

Community Adoption

Assist in creating a culture of change by designing and enabling technology to radically change the Green Energy landscape in Western Australia.

Our Vision

“Together we can create a steady transition to green energy & products to create a meaningful change toward a sustainable future in WA”


We are achieving this by introducing sustainable, mass-market, carbon-neutral vehicles to Western Australia that will deliver a tangible reduction in carbon emissions across the State.

About Us

Greenify was founded in 2020, providing mining service vehicles, fleet services and green planning in the business and corporate market. We identified a gap in the market to assist our corporate clients to replace existing assets with off-balance sheet leased assets.

In the time since, we have created a meaningful impression with a large and diverse vehicle fleet covering an extensive geographical presence across WA, with our vehicles on many Tier 1 mining sites with leading corporates. We have leveraged business relationships to assist carbon reduction in WA, by establishing partnerships to enable large scale EV adoption.

Our Team

Dominic Barlow

Managing Director

Dominic has a background in Aerospace engineering and is a leading figure in the resources sector in Western Australia for lean management and Fixed Plant maintenance.  He is a Board Member and advisor to Tier 1 mining companies.
James Thorburn


James has an extensive background in Corporate & Commercial Banking across a diverse range of industries including Motor Vehicle Dealerships, Mining, Retail, Not for Profit and Property. An experienced consultant for business growth, acquisitions and restructuring. 
Andrew Dilorito


Andrew is a seasoned corporate adviser with a background in process efficiency and corporate finance. Experienced working with, and providing strategic advice to, diversified corporates across mining services, logistics, plant & equipment hire, construction, agriculture & much more.
Adam Gangemi


Adam leads the organisation’s commitment to enhancing environmental and economic outcomes through developing and implementing high quality, carefully considered and accessible decarbonisation strategies for clients. He is Chairperson of Sustainable Energy Now and was voted Young Energy Professional 2021.

Automotive Services

Greenify are leading the way to provide WA with carbon-free vehicles. The WA Government currently has a target to achieve net zero emissions by 2050. Our goal is to see Electric Vehicles (EV’s) represent 1% all vehicles on the roads in WA by 2025. This equates to 20,000 EV’s on the roads – a number we feel is very achievable

By working with Government, multinational businesses, SME’s and individuals, Greenify are strongly committed to helping Western Australia achieve this aspirational goal. You can view our EV Fleet Services to  start your journey to “Go Green”.

Energy Efficient Office & Home

We offer a variety of packages to suit your energy needs, bringing together the office and your home. Discover how you can synergise your office, home and EV to optimise your energy efficiency. Greenify can help you;

  • Take an energy assessment to see how solar & battery packages can help you work and live more sustainably, or even off-grid
  • Add a Bi-directional inverter to utilise your EV as a mobile battery that can power your home
  • Add charging stations to your office, site and home for convenient EV management

The friendly team at Greenify are available to discuss a range of options and customise an energy package aligned to your goals and budget.

Green Energy

Greenify is currently undertaking a range of feasibility studies to advance a number of green infrastructure projects in Western Australia. Some of these initiatives include;

  • A Western Australian based assembly facility that will contribute jobs to the WA economy, reduce shipping costs and accelerate the achievement of C02 reduction targets.
  • Development of community energy hubs. Enabling communities to store solar and EV energy in a community battery will assist in lowering energy costs and increase the uptake of green energy in our homes on a large scale.

We welcome engagement from existing green energy suppliers and industry innovators to explore opportunities to collaborate.

Innovation Hub

Greenify are committed to innovation and facilitating the adoption of green technologies. We are currently involved in developing a number of initiatives that we will be able to share with you soon. Greenify is fully committed to providing investment and logistical support to green energy innovators as well as providing education to the market.

Helping The Environment One Vehicle At A Time

Providing solutions to reduce carbon emissions by introducing sustainable mass-market, carbon-neutral vehicles in Western Australia.