Mercedes E-Actros Electric Truck

Sustainable, future-oriented, driven by innovation and quiet: that’s the first all-electric truck from Mercedes-Benz. But the eActros is more than just a truck. It is part of the integrated eActros solution which, in addition to the truck and its conventional services, also includes new eConsulting and innovative digital solutions – all of which bring us a little closer to the target of zero local emissions.


The eActros is available in two versions with three or four batteries. Each of these special, powerful lithium-ion batteries has a capacity of approximately 112 kWh1, resulting in total battery capacity of around 3362 and 448 kWh2 respectively. This power enables the eActros to travel distances of up to 300 km3 and 400 km4 respectively, although the exact range may vary depending on the topography, driver behaviour, outside temperature, load and body among other factors, and makes the eActros ideal for heavy-duty distribution haulage in urban areas.

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