Subaru Solterra

Subaru announced in May 2022 that its first EV, Solterra, would go on sale in Australia in the first half of 2023.

Based on the same underpinnings, body shell and battery as the Toyota BZ4X EV, the Solterra has electric motor on both the front and rear axles, which together have an output of 160kW and 336Nm.


Motor: Synchronous electric permanent-magnet
Transmission/drive: Single-speed reduction gear/FWD or AWD
Battery: 71.4kWh Lithium Ion
Power/torque: 150kW/265Nm (AWD: 160kW/336Nm
0-100km/h: 7.7s
Consumption: 14.4-18.0kWh/100km
Electric range: Up to 516km (FWD, WLTP)
Warranty: 5yr/unlimited
Battery warranty: 10yr/240,000km (TBC)
Safety rating: N/A

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