Tesla Model S

Gamechanger, disruptor, revolutionary… whatever it’s labelled, the Model S’ influence has profoundly reshaped luxury and performance since launching locally in 2014.

Continuously improved with ever-evolving tech including the AutoPilot semi-autonomous driving system (where allowed), the head-turning five-door liftback also unshackled the EV from its urban tether.


Motor: Synchronous electric permanent-magnet
Transmission/drive: Single-speed reduction gear/AWD
Battery: 100kWh Lithium Ion
Power/torque: 500kW/>750Nm (760kW/>1000Nm)
0-100km/h: 3.2s (2.1s)
Consumption: 16.2 (17.0) kWh/100km
Electric range: 652km (637km)
Warranty: 4yr/80,000km
Battery warranty: 8yr/240,000km
Safety rating: 5 stars

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