Indigenous Engagement

Our vision for reconciliation is an Australia that affords equal opportunities to all. Greenify will ensure that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people feel welcome in our business as employees, customers, suppliers and visitors. We will know that we have succeeded when we have a workplace that reflects the diversity of the communities we serve.

Greenify is proud to be aligned with Karlayura Group, a 100% Aboriginal-owned business with clients in the mining and civil construction sectors of Western Australia.

Director, Brian Tucker is a highly respected traditional owner on Banyjima and Nyiyaparli country. He founded Karlayura Group in 2011 to get ‘family’ back on country, preserve Aboriginal cultural traditions and develop strong and self-sustaining communities.

Karlayura Group is committed to building strong economic futures for the next generation by providing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people with opportunities to gain employment, develop their skills and pursue a meaningful career. Greenify is playing an active role in helping Karlayura Group pursue these goals.

Our partnership with Karlayura Group is a cornerstone in advancing our environmentally sustainable and socially responsible Fleet & Asset Management solutions. Through this collaboration, we provide lower emission fleet and asset alternatives, contributing to minimised carbon footprints in business operations. Beyond environmental stewardship, this alliance champions meaningful engagements with local communities and Traditional Owners, channeling commercial benefits towards the Brian Tucker Foundation, where they are directed to local communities. Discover how this collaboration amplifies our service impact, nurturing a sustainable and socially responsible business landscape.