Kia Niro II EV

You’re looking at the second-generation Niro EV, barely a year after launching in Australia – though it dated back to 2016 elsewhere.

A twin to the Hyundai Kona EV underneath, the redesigned Niro II EV builds on its predecessor’s family-friendly crossover shape with more space and practicality, including a substantially larger (at 475 litres) rear cargo area plus a new, 20L boot up front. Likewise, the user-friendly dash is light years ahead in style and features.


Motor: Synchronous electric permanent-magnet
Transmission/drive: Single-speed reduction gear/FWD
Battery: 64.8kWh Lithium Ion
Power/torque: 150kW/255Nm
0-100km/h: 7.8s
Consumption: 16.4kWh/100km
Electric range: 463km (WLTP)
Warranty: 7yr/unlimited
Battery warranty: 8yr/160,000km
Safety rating: N/A

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