LDV Maxus T90 EV Ute

LDV might offer Australia its first electric dual cab ute with the Maxus T90 EV.
The race to electrification has largely passed the ute market by so far, but that is changing with LDV’s Maxus T90 EV, the first electric ute to be launched in right-hand drive for New Zealand and the UK, and it’s also on the cards for Australia.



The T90 EV is based on the Chinese-market T90 double cab ute. This model is powered by conventional combustion engines, while the ute’s design follows familiar cues from the wider segment, with a massive grille and plenty of rugged detailing to emphasise its work roots.

For the electric version the T90EV removes all of the standard truck’s running gear and replaces it with an 89kWh battery that’s located under the chassis. Power comes from a rear-mounted 150kW electric motor, meaning the T90 EV is rear-wheel drive. The low-slung battery under the chassis means ground clearance will be limited, so off-road driving – and wading especially – might be a challenge.

LDV has offered limited information regarding battery range, with the only figure quoted being a WLTP city figure of 319km. Based on the figures for other electric models, that means a combined range of around 210km could be feasible.

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