Nissan Leaf

Nissan’s game-changing Leaf launched in 2010 as the first modern EV, became history’s bestselling EV (until Tesla’s Model 3 overtook it) and then underwent a complete restyle in 2017.

Still Corolla-sized, Leaf II reached Australia in 2019 with a big battery boost (to 40kWh) to address earlier short-range issues. This effectively doubled it, while gaining a slightly more powerful110kW electric motor.


Motor: Synchronous electric permanent-magnet
Transmission/drive: Single-speed reduction gear/FWD
Battery: 40kWh and 62kWh Lithium Ion
Power/torque: 110kW/320Nm, 160kW/340Nm
0-100km/h: 7.9s, 6.9s
Consumption: 16.6kWh, 18.5 kWh/100km
Electric range: 285km, 385km
Warranty: 5yr/unlimited
Battery warranty: 8yr/160,000km
Safety rating: 5 stars

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