Solar battery lighting tower

Solar Lighting Tower

  • Cost-saving alternative to diesel generator tower lights.
  • No emissions or noise, or need to refuel.
  • Easy deployment, and no maintenance needed. No engines means no servicing.



  • Specially developed trailer mounted unit for ease of transportation.
  • Electricity stored in heavy-duty, deep cycle batteries.
  • Array of three or four 330W solar panels.
  • 7.5m telescopic mast, with four LED lights which are capable of 550m² at minimum lux level of 20, and 10,000 to 40,000 lumens output.
  • Operates consistently and reliably, even on winter days with 16 hours of darkness.
  • Fitted with a micro-controller and GPS tracking, so it can be switched on and off remotely, key data is also monitored and recorded.
  • All specifications are indicative. Individual container’s dimensions may differ.