An electrified version of the popular X3 medium-sized SUV, the iX3 uses BMW’s fifth-gen eDrive technology, so doesn’t sit on a dedicated EV architecture like the newer iX.

Still, with a 210kW/400Nm electric motor to drive the rear wheels only, it brings both spirited performance (0-100km/h needs just 6.8 seconds) and impressive efficiency.


Motor: Synchronous electric permanent-magnet
Transmission/drive: Single-speed reduction gear/RWD
Battery: 80kWh Lithium Ion
Power/torque: 210kW/400Nm
0-100km/h: 6.8s
Consumption: 18.5kWh/100km
Electric range: 460km
Warranty: 3yr/unlimited
Battery warranty: 8yr/160,000km
Safety rating: 5 stars

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