Toyota Yaris Hybrid

While carmakers are abandoning the light hatch class in droves, Toyota is redoubling its efforts with the Yaris Hybrid, highlighting the company’s incredible reach and ambition.

All-new in 2020, Toyota’s fourth-gen five-door hatch since 1999’s breakout Echo mirrors the previous model size-wise, but offers substantially more interior space.


Engine: 67kW/120Nm 1.5L in-line 3 petrol
Transmission/driving wheels: CVT/front
Motor: 59kW/141Nm AC synchronous electric
Battery: lithium-ion
Total system power/torque: 85kW/141Nm
Combined range: 1286km
Electric range: N/A
Fuel: 3.3L/100km
CO2: 76g/km
Safety rating: 5 stars

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